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Ep. 12 Inclusive Leadership, Anne Weisberg, NYU

January 13, 2023 Anne Weisberg Season 1 Episode 12
ExecU the Podcast
Ep. 12 Inclusive Leadership, Anne Weisberg, NYU
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Join Suzan and NYU's Anne Weisberg as they discuss inclusive leadership, and how we can retain and advance talent inclusively.

January 2023
ExecU Podcast
Episode 12: Inclusive Leadership, Anne Weisberg, NYU


Anne Weisberg designs strategies that foster high performing, inclusive workplaces that deliver on the “S” in ESG. Her private sector experience has focused on talent strategies with a gender lens.

Most recently, Anne was the Women’s Initiative Director at the law firm Paul, Weiss, where she delivered a 40% increase in the number of women associates and created a Women’s Network that has 90% participation. At BlackRock, Anne created an award-winning women’s leadership program that is the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. She joined BlackRock from Deloitte, where she co-authored Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace to Today’s Nontraditional Workforce (Harvard Business Press, 2007) that coined the phrase “corporate lattice.” 

Anne is a recognized thought leader on inclusive workplaces. She was asked to write the New York Times op-ed titled “The Workplace Culture That Flying Nannies Won’t Fix” about workplace culture and as a young mother, she co-authored Everything a Working Mother Needs to Know (Doubleday, 1994).

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Anne: “It's very important when you're doing leadership development programs for specific groups within your organization, that they don't feel like it's remedial, and that it's not perceived as like something is wrong with these people that we need to fix, but rather, we're investing in these people because it's good for our business.”


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